Dear Heavenly Father,

I want to ask You a question today…

Do You get pleased? Do You smile when Your child does good? Does Your heart tingle when You see Your child succeed? Are You filled with joy when Your Child chooses right over wrong? If that’s the case, 

Do You get disappointed? Do you frown when Your child does bad? Does Your heart ache when You see Your child fail? Are You will filled with melancholy when Your child chooses what’s not right? If that’s the case, 

You must have been disappointed with Adam. To see Your creation choose something that’s not You…something that’s not Holy…something evil. 

Father God, forgive us for the evil we chose. I know there are some (many) in the world that chose good; however, many of us, such as myself, want to chose good, but unable to. Don’t be sad, God 🙁 

I ask You to be patient. I ask You to be merciful. I ask You to be gentle. I ask You to be compassionate. I ask You to be a Father to Your lost Children. A Shepherd to the lost sheep. A Master Conductor to the failed Orchestra. 

I wonder, Father; do You not lose hope in us? Do You not grow weary? 

My oh my, oh what Magnificence, oh what Power, what tremendous Love, what exceeding Joy, to have a Father like You!!

Father God, today’s prayer is dedicated to those who want You but unable to find You, unable to chose You, unable to sync with You, unable to align with You, unable to look at You, unable to reconcile with You….

Father, forgive them, and draw near to them, comfort them, bless them; purify them, heal them; Father, go to them and let them know You’re there for them. Sometimes God, we just need You, but unable to reach out. To those in need, to those in dire need of You, 

I ask You to draw near them this moment. 

I ask You to voice Your words right into their ears, 

“Come to me all You who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give You rest. Take my Yoke upon You and Your soul will find rest”

My oh My Father God, we live in a World where we are capable of reaching beyond this carnal life. We are capable because we believe. We believe because You died for us. You died for us because You love us. You love us because You created us. You created us in Your image. In Your likeness. In Your Glory. In Your Honor. We are capable of reaching beyond this carnal life because You gave us that ability => Jesus Christ. Oh What Pleasure. 

In this moment, I ask You Father God to have mercy on me, to be patient on me. To call on me. To listen to my words when I say, 

Forgive me Father for I have sinned against You. 

In Jesus name we pray,