Dear Heavenly Father of Glory, 

What You do is inexplicable. The things You know, do, see, speak, and be, are far beyond our understanding. 

Every little bit of information You give me, takes me weeks to ponder and meditate on. Makes me wonder, what are You? What Majesty? What Magnificence? What Glory? What Power? What Endurance? …What Divinity? … …

What Love? 

The things You do for me, I can’t seem to explain to others. I can’t seem to get over; the things You have showed me, the things You have explained to me; ah, what Magnificence! 

The Father of all Majestic Glory, oh what Magnificence! 

We got to trust You more. Like You told us, trust the Lord Your God with ALL Your Heart, ALL Your Mind, ALL Your strength. 

Because the things You do, are no where near the things we can do. The things You know, are no where near the things we think we know. You are the Author. You are the Writer. 

You to the sun is the sun to us; too much glory to look at. Too much holiness. Too much heat. Too much divinity. Too much to take in. Too much to come close to. 

Lord God of the Heavens, continue doing what You Will. Continue Willing what You Do. 

What I do and what I will, is for You to finish doing what You will. 

In Jesus name we pray,