Lord, your work is so mysterious.

Lord, I am so sorry I can only give you dry words.

Lord, you know everything I ask before I even think to ask you.  

Lord, give me strength for these two weeks.

Lord, here I am with a dry soul and sick flesh. I am sorry.

Lord, you never make mistakes.

O Lord, why is that whenever I think I am getting closer to you, I fall into despair.  

Lord, I am sorry!

Lord, all I say to you is complaining. O my King, I never knew, I can never do anything that qualifies me to be with you,

Lord. I am sorry, Lord, forgive me.

Lord, don’t turn your face from me.

All I have is you, my King, I trust you my Jesus! You have done everything for my benefit.

Lord, you know my happiness is in you.

Lord, please stay with me.

Lord, please, stay with all of us. Son of David, have mercy on me. Mother Mary, I need you! Holy and divine mother, please pray for us.  Mother, I need your intercession; please come to me, your sinner daughter. Holy and divine mother come to all who are calling upon your name.