Dear Heavenly Father, 

Many are called, but few are chosen; what a stimulating verse. We see this when You “called Bezalel by name, and filled him with the Spirit of God, in wisdom, in knowledge, and in all manner workmanship” …

Father, I want that wisdom, that knowledge; I want the Spirit of God. 

I know I’ll never be worthy enough of good enough; but who is? You are perfection. You are holy. You are divine. But what am I? I strive … but I die. I try…but I fail. I do what my spirit does not wish to do. Therefore I am weak. I am weak to my flesh. 

So empower me Lord; I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. It is You that grants; it is You that bestows; it is You that descends to our weakness…and make us strong. 

I am not Bezalel. But count me in. Count me in to Your grace. Count me in to Your gifts. Count me in to Your Wisdom. Count me in to You knowledge. Count me in to all manners of workmanship. 

I do not deserve what I receive from You; and that’s what makes You a God of Grace. I do not receive what I do deserve; and that’s what makes You a God of Mercy. 

So give me Your grace. Grant me Your mercy. 

My life without You is empty. For what life do I have if I do not have what gives life? 

Life is You. God. You grant life. You Are life. You breathed life. Without You, for I am but dust. 

So Lord God of the Heavens,  of all Creation, I call upon You; the Holy Trinity, to grant me what I need: to grant me wisdom, to grant me knowledge, to grant me understanding. Grant me Your gifts, not for personal gain, but for maneuvering through the streets of this earth to get Home…

To You. 

In Jesus name we pray,