Dear Heavenly Father,

A reflection on my sinful life;

The days get harder,

my sins feel heavier;

I struggle to suppress,

my desires don’t impress.

I sit at my desk

thinking what to do next?

I am ashamed at myself, that I attest

I rarely pass, but fail every test.

I struggle to stay away from what I know

had driven me astray.

I crave the day where I can remain on

the one and only way.

I keep looking to the left,

looking to the right,

am I really a child of light? Or a child of night?

I start to doubt God’s outlook on me,

I find myself not wanting to be who He wants me to be.

Obeying the laws is hard when everyone

around doesn’t seem to starve.

I struggle with my own self;

I need a partner to keep me to my true self

Life is hard to be lived when there’s no one to live it with.

I don’t doubt the things You have done in my life,

Words can’t describe Your might.

Words can’t describe how You won the fight.

Words can’t describe how You brought me back to life.

So why do I feel like I’m hungry for more? More of You in my life.

Glory be to You Oh Lord,

I know I’m not strong, I know I’m not perfect;

I know I still have wrong desires in me. But what do I do?

Help me Father in the midst of my temptations;

Bless me in the path of life I walk on.

In Jesus name we pray.