Dear God, 

The struggle doesn’t end. The battles get harder. But the war is no defeated. We let our guard down for one day, and the enemy comes in creeping. Creeps in our lives and tempts us to sin. And the truth is, we cannot overcome our temptations through our own strength. We need You. 

The day we think we don’t need You – through our laziness, through our thoughts, through our lack of desire to go to liturgy – we instantly fall. The strength needed to overcome evil is good. To overcome hatred, needs love. Well, what is Love and what is Good? 

God the Father. 

So we need You God. There’s no other way to put it. There’s no other tool to overcome the evil surrounding us. 

I ask You to forgive me for my sins yesterday, today, tomorrow. I ask You to forget what was done and focus on what is to be done. I ask that You forget my flaws and strengthen my weaknesses. I ask that You have mercy on my soul and give grace to where it’s needed. 

Ah, Father God, there’s not much else to say in this life except two things that will forever never be forgotten. 

1. Thank You for everything, concerning everything, and in everything. 

2. Have mercy on me. 

Please pay attention to us, don’t forget us. 

In Jesus name we pray,