Dear Heavenly Father,

There’s a lot of things we can ask You for; a lot of things we can request of You. But the truth is, You gave us free will. You gave us the ability to chose based on our liking.

But this is a problem God, I chose to eat that fruit from the tree even though You told me not to. So what now? What do I do? Clearly, on my own will, I failed. But our free will is still there. So what to do now, Father?

I ask You for this:

Wisdom. I ask You to give me the wisdom and discernment to make the right choice. To be able to chose what’s right. To be able to discern from what is good and what is bad for me. I ask You for this trait as, otherwise, my free will would be gone to waste. My free will would be not so free if I chose to do what kills me: disobey You.

So how is free will free if I am not so free in making my decision? I feel enslaved to my sin, because I have chosen to do what is not right.

So God, You listen to me Father, I need YOUR help. I need YOUR Wisdom. YOUR Knowledge. YOUR Understanding. I need YOU God. I need You to save me from the choices of death; I need You to give me the wisdom to chose life. Choose Obedience. Choose Goodness. Choose You.

In everything we do, we do for You. Everything we do for You, has been permitted by You. All that is permitted by You, is just magnificent. So Lord, Permit me to receive Your Wisdom, to chose good over evil.

Father God of the Heavens, I love You dearly, and forgive me for my trespasses. Forgive me for my weakness. Forgive me for my iniquities.

In Jesus name we pray,