Dear Heavenly Father,

It’s impressive

I went from being this pessimistic aggressive

To an optimistic progressive

My life washed away like a drop in the bay

I look and reflect on my life, let me just say, 

Life got real so call me a realist

God in my life, is as real as this gets

Lived in darkness, Call me Loch the  Ness

Cause I was living a monster

Lived like the prodigal it became psychological 

I couldn’t breathe I now see, 

But call me free cause I can now breathe, you see? 

Life without Thee isn’t a life free, 

So long as we reject He, I can’t be me

If I want to be me, I gotta know He

He abides in me, and I abide in He

Let me put that on repeat

If I wanna be me, I gotta know He, for He abides in me, and I abide in He

He rolled the stone away from me, and told me to go on and preach humilitee 

Living proud sets me away from He

Living proud puts me against He

In James four six let us read,

“For God resist the proud, 

But gives Grace to the humble”

So let me drop the ego, lest I stumble

God looks at my arrogance and doesn’t like the nonsense

What am I boasting about I ask myself

From dust I was made and dust I’ll return

Life with God I yearn, 

So humble me lest I miss out my turn

Look at me with pity even though I’m haughty

Haughtiness gots to go, holiness needed some mo’

Saul was the example, Paul was the product

I was the sample, You’re the Conduct

You conducted Your Greatness,

I know You got this

my life was this big mess, 

but a beat You did not miss;

You picked up my slack, and put it on Your Back,

looked at me, and said “follow Me, I’ll be back”

You said to the world, a statement for the ages; 

You put Your life in three different stages, 

I am the Way. I am the Truth. I am the Life. 

I tried every way, I can only say, that You were right about Your Way. 

I listened to every so called truth, and I’ll be brute, life without You ain’t the Truth. 

I thought I was alive, but that was a lie, You are the life that awaits, for all sinners that come to the gates, 

And say forgive me Father, 

I need Your Grace. 

In Jesus name we pray,